Eating Out

It’s so refreshing to go to a restaurant where they understand how to prepare gluten free dishes, and have made the effort to expand their gluten free menu.  Thankfully, more and more restaurants are catching on.  Here are a few of our favorites:

  • LEGAL SEAFOOD: Fish sticks made with chickpea flour, separately-seared french fries, and fresh gluten-free dinner rolls!
  • P.F.CHANG’S: Expansive gluten-free options, and those wonderful LETTUCE WRAPS!
  • B.J.’s RESTAURANT and BREWHOUSE: Fantastic gluten free pizza, but don’t miss their gluten free chocolate chip Pizookie!
  • OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE: Great steaks, etc. with gluten free seasonings, plus their flourless brownie “Chocolate Thunder From Down Under”!
  • UNO’S CHICAGO GRILL: Gluten free thin crust pizza – TO GO!
  • THE ORIGINAL PANCAKE HOUSE: An overwhelming array of delectable pancake and breakfast options… Now making GLUTEN FREE pancakes!
  • ZPIZZA: Unique, California-style pizzas and gourmet salads, available with gluten free crust and other fresh ingredients.


Found another favorite gluten-free-friendly establishment?