Book review: The Cake Mix Doctor Bakes Gluten Free

I love that there are so many more easy and accessible options for baking gluten free these days.  Especially cake mixes!  Most every gluten free chocolate cake mix I have tried has turned out wonderful and moist.  But for whatever reason, most every gluten free YELLOW cake mix has been dry and a very sad imitation of traditional yellow cake.  I have experimented with a lot of add-ins to help it out… jello, gel cake flavoring… nothing has been quite right.

Then the Cake Mix Doctor comes to the rescue.  Anne Byrn has published a ton of books with recipes that turn ordinary cake mixes into extraordinary desserts.  When I saw she published a cookbook specifically for gluten free cake mixes, I pre-ordered it on Amazon.

For my son’s most recent birthday he looked through all the color pictures and picked out the Fresh Strawberry Cake.  It was truly wonderful.  I couldn’t believe a gluten free yellow cake mix could be transformed into a birthday cake with such nice texture and flavor!  I’m excited to try out the Cookies and Cream Cake too.  So happy to have this reference in my cookbook library!